Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cute pictures today of Chloe at the pumpkin patch.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More fun in Brazil!!

I posted quite a bit of pictures. We just had so many and I wanted you all to see what Brasilia and the surrounding area is really like. It is extremely pretty, if your into that hot climate sort of terrain.

We got to see some really pretty sites this time.

This place was unbelievable!! I wish I would have taken pictures of the rest of it.

This place was close to the last place. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Apparently this is the the second largest cathedral in Brazil, in a delightful town called Braslandia.

Does this look like a floating building to anyone?....humm

Would you swim in this water?


Relax it's not the same water...this water is clean. This was taken after we had already been swimming in it.

This is our little outdoor adventure. It was just Mauricio, Sean, and me.

As you can see Sean is quite a bit bigger than Mauricio.

Along the way we ran into this awesome waterfall.

Ok so I guess it wasn't that big.

This area would have been a lot prettier without the burned grass, garbage, and nasty water.

When it's Cup time, everyone participates.

We thought we'd get a little exercise during our stroll through downtown Samambaia.

I broke down and did laundry.

Outdoor flee market. Great stuff.

This would be the Bellevue of the greater Brasilia area.

It's equivalent to a Fort Lewis in Washington. You can see the soldiers lined up in the background in front of the national flag.

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Chloe loved mango